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Week 6 Monday

End of the day....

You have conquered Monday folks! Well done for the work you have sent today. I know you are enjoying your work on BBCbitesize. Well done for the challenge pictures too- I will try and get my boys to do one too if I can make them venture outside in the cold! I will add your pictures to the gallery page later so everyone has a chance to send me pictures of their learning. You are doing very well. Super certificates for Lexi- Mae, Harriet, Zac and Mac for their Reading Egg work. Hopefully we will be back in the classroom together before too long. Have a lovely evening,

Mrs Dixon

Good morning Year One, 


Lets hope today is warmer than yesterday! It was like going back to winter thanks! You have got a song to continue based on bunnies today for Literacy, Numeracy is adding by making 10 and History is about Henry VIII (see the overview for the week) I look forward to seeing your work. 

Here is your challenge of the day...can you make a picture using natural materials? Can you use flowers, pine cones, twigs create a face, an animals...whatever you decide! 

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Dixon.






Hello all, hope you enjoyed the long weekend. The weather was very confusing – I had to wear suncream one day and my bobble hat the day after! 


As we all know Year 1 is full of mini Superhero’s! So today I thought you could design your own Superhero cape. You can do this on Purplemash or draw it yourself if you prefer.


- Login to PurpleMash

- Type SUPERHERO CAPE in search

- Click on the Superhero Cape icon

- Click Launch App

This app has lots of glitter effect tools – which I love! See how colourful you could make your cape!


Send me your designs – I’d love to see them!


Enjoy your day Super Year 1’s! Mrs Ball smiley