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Week 11 Tuesday

Good morning Year 3!

How are we all today?

It's supposed to be glorious this afternoon!


Let's have a look at what you've been up to...

Jack has been producing some amazing writing! He also had a lovely day celebrating his dad on Sunday :)

Isla's plants are growing very well! Excellent work Miss Greenfingers! She's also produced some amazing work :)

Okay, let's get learning!


Today you are going to write a set of instructions for how to make a kite.
First you need to have a look at how to write a set of instructions.
Watch this clip on how to make a simple cake. BBC Teach Class Clips: English KS1 / KS2: How to write clear instructions.



Now have a look at some of these examples written by children.
Click on a few different examples to see how to write instructions.
Think about how you make a kite. If you haven’t made a kite before you can use the clip below.
How To Make A Simple Kite for Kids:

How To Make A Simple Kite for Kids

You could base your instructions on the Flat Stanley kite that you made in an earlier unit.
Features that you might want to include:
− What You Need/ Apparatus section at the start
− bullet points/ numbers to sequence the steps
− imperative (bossy) verbs, e.g. place, stick
− some adverbs, e.g. carefully, gently, firmly
− a diagram/illustration to help.


Hope on reading eggs my little lovelies! 



Hope you're all getting on okay with your subtraction?

Here's some subtraction questions for you today!

Snappy Maths Subtraction


Treat for you today! Thanks to the glorious sunshine we should expect this afternoon... I would like for all of you to go on a walk. Find as many different flowers/plants/trees as you can. Take a picture with them! Send them in! Let's fill the web page with lots of pretty plants! 

Lather yourselves in suncream and head outside! Breathe in the fresh air, enjoy soaking up the vitamin D and big smiles ready for your pictures! 

Have a wonderful afternoon! 

I miss you all.