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Week 13 Wednesday

Good morning!

How are we all today?

Let's have a look at what you have been up to...


Hannah has been very busy with her plants!

Jack has drawn a beautiful picture of me as part of our transition week!

Isla has been working hard on her maths!

Ellie has been working really hard on her transition work!

Thank you for sending your work in lovelies! It's so wonderful to see how you are getting on.

Miss Collins and I are having a fabulous week in school, it's the first time we've worked together in 3 months! I haven't seen her beautiful face in so long and now we both can't stop smiling with excitement... want to know a secret? We're working in a bubble in our new classroom so we've started planning the new classroom layout! Very exciting! 

Okay, I'll stop rambling on. 

Let's get learning!



Watch and enjoy the film Sky: Channel 999 Audio Description:

View the extract to look at the start of this poem and how it is presented: Once Upon a Raindrop by James Carter:

(You will need to become a member of LoveReading4Kids. Membership is free).

Now, read and enjoy the poem City Jungle by Pie Corbett:

Discuss the vocabulary and ideas in the poem together. Have a look at these words, and find meanings and synonyms (similar words) using splinters, cruise, hunched, shuffle, gargles, snarls, flinch, lashes 

Now, create images/ draw pictures for each line of the poem. Then add the lines of the poem to each image just like the examples you watched and read earlier: the Sky Audio Description and Once Upon a Raindrop. Read the poem using your images and film your performance! Why not send it to family members and to me?



You could choose today to listen to The Enchanted Forest! Or hop on Reading Eggs. Look for a different book to read through from the library!



Bit different today! I would like to focus on geometry (shape) could you help us design the new classroom? Remember, you need seats for 30 children and think about the door to the classroom, the whiteboard, bins, behaviour charts, displays.. our first topic is 'sparks might fly!' Can't wait to see these!



We are doing this transition as whole school and you are the only lucky class getting the same teacher again this year so as much as we have got to know each other it's nice to read these booklets so please keep completing them and sending them in! Here's you task for the day...

Right guys! Have a great day! 

I know Miss Collins and I will!

We miss you little faces so much!