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Week 10 Monday

Bright and happy good morning to you lovely lot!

Hope you've all had a fabulous weekend? It was so sunny at time, hope you made the most of it!

Did you all see the newsletter on Friday? <3


Let's see what some of you have been up to.



Hannah has been busy growing plants, reading many books and creating a fact file about Rosa Parks.

Max has been working super hard on his number lines! Very well done Max!

Isla has also been working super hard on her number lines!

Rudy has been working incredibly hard on the tasks set! He's also sent in some cute pictures of Chili! He's very excited a new piano has arrived and hopefully we'll get some videos of him playing :)

Right guys, let's get our brains working...


Today, you're going to be reading one of my favourite books! I have a copy of this in class! 

Watch and enjoy the short film, Fantastic Flying Books of Morris Lessmore:

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr Morris Lessmore by William Joyce

Thank you Mr. Joyce for this incredible piece of work. I would encourage parents to watch this clip with their own child and find out the most amazing moment...

Watch again up to 4:33 mins.
Think about verbs that could describe how the man is moving/flying in the storm and how the books are flying later on, e.g. twirling, swirling, tumbling.


Use a thesaurus to find synonyms (words with a similar meaning) for your words.
Write these synonyms down.
Create an ‘ing’ poem about flying using some of the verbs you have explored.

Start off by describing what happened to Mr Lessmore at the start of the clip, e.g. how he was flying, not through choice and in a dangerous way. Next, move on to describing the books flying in the air, e.g. they are purposeful and elegant.
Here is an example for you.


Whisked away by the gusts of wind,

Falling, gliding, tumbling, diving.

Trying to catch a hold,

Bumping, reaching, grabbing, plunging.


The elegant books soaring through the sky.
Gliding, drifting,hovering, fluttering.
Waiting for the right person to come along,

Coasting, skimming, floating, cruising.


Write your poem out neatly and decorate it with pictures of flying books around it.



It's a Reading Eggs day! I was so impressed with your efforts last week and I was impressed with all the certificates. Let's do it again!



Okay guys, we need to practice our trickier addition questions. 

BBC Bitesize have a lovely clip explaining what we have already looked at in class. If you find this tricky, please let me know and I'll talk you all through Base 10 again tomorrow.





How are those plants coming along? It's all so exciting! I'm going to plant some herbs today! 

I did buy some seeds and Macduff ate them. So, I'm starting again. 


Today, you're going look at how food is grown on a small scale and on a big scale by farmers.

There's quite a few keywords in this clip so I would like you to pick out words that are new to you and find the meaning of them. Starting a new word mat for this topic. 


Also, look at the size of the parsnip the children manage to grow!


Have a wonderful day Year 3, don't forget to look after your own plant!


Miss you!