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Subordinating conjunctions. Sounds super complicated! What are they? They link parts of sentences together. These parts of sentences are caused 'clauses' (no relation to Santa). Have a watch of this clip and play the quiz to see what we're after;


A 'main' clause makes sense on its own. You can add a bit more detail to it by linking a subordinate clause to it using a conjunction - the subordinate clause wouldn't make sense on its own. 


Let's start off with a basic, boring sentence that you'd see every day.


The moose danced on the roof.


Bo-ring! Let's add more detail using one of these words; 

The moose danced on the roof until he won the moose roof dancing championships.


Much better! We've added some more detail to that sentence using a subordinating conjunction. We could change the meaning completely using a different subordinate clause.


The moose danced on the roof while playing a happy tune on a kazoo.


A different conjunction lets you add different detail!


The moose danced on the roof because his sad squirrel friend needed cheering up.


Can you come up with a main clause, then use a subordinating conjunction to add detail to it? It doesn't have to be as serious and boring as mine - see how creative you can be and how you can change the meaning! Can you come up with 3? remember, the main clause, the part that makes sense on its own, stays the same.