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Week 5 Day 3

Well done everyone who has taken part in the remote learning today!  Yet again some brilliant work is coming through!


Shoutouts to the following children for sending in work for the gallery;







Well done to the Mathletics workers;

Noah            Harriett               Isabelle

Zac               Mac                    Elsie

Aimee           Lottie                  Albie

Brody N        Lexi-Mae


Reading Eggs workers too - fantastic!

Sam            Aimee          Elsie

Harriet        Isabelle        Zac

Brody N       Arthur         Lexi-Mae


Brilliant work team!  


See you tomorrow - last day before Bank Holiday!


Mrs E heart

Good morning everyone,


I hope you have a good day today and enjoy the tasks that are set.  Remember to just do what you can and try your best.  I would really like to see more of you accessing the Reading Eggs website today if you can as it is a great way to refresh your phonics skills in a different way.  If you need your login details let me know.


If you want an extra fun task for today, have a go at my scavenger hunt below and send me some pics!


Scavenger Hunt -

1) Choose a colour of the rainbow.  

2) Find as many things in your house that are that colour.

3) How many have you got? Is it an odd or even number?

4) Can you put them in height order?

5) Which is the heaviest?  Lightest?

6) Which is the widest? Longest? Tallest?


Good luck Year 1 and have fun, I'm here if you need me!


Mrs E heart

Hello all. Thank you for your jokes yesterday – made me and Ethan laugh!


I have another PurpleMash challenge for you today! Can you create a fish tank full of colourful fish? 


- Login to PurpleMash

- In search type FISH TANK

- Click Launch App


The background is set for you. You can just add the fish or any other creature you might find in a fish tank!

Remember you can change the size of the pen at the bottom using the sliding scale, and if you make a mistake and want to rub out try and use the black arrows in the top right of the screen (rather than the tricky rubber tool).


You can save your pictures – remember purple button at the top left of the screen with 3 lines. Click on MY WORKand give the file a name. Parents if you right click on the picture within their folder you can share the file and send me a copy of their picture


I look forward to seeing your fish tanks!


Keep up the fantastic work, Mrs Ball