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Welcome to Northern Primary School.


On behalf of the governors, staff and pupils may we welcome you to the website of Northern Primary School. We hope the information on this website gives you some idea of our daily life and work. 


During our most recent OFSTED inspection in October 2018, the inspector confirmed that Northern continues to be a 'good' school. The inspector commented that the strong leadership and high-quality teaching over time ensures that attainment in reading, writing and maths is above the national average. She stated that the quality of teaching overall is strong. The inspector also commented that the children make good progress in the Early Years and benefit from a stimulating and enchanting outdoor area. The inspector also noted that pupils behave well around school and outside.


Parents comment on the sense of community in the school and this is something that we are all very proud of; why not visit us to experience this yourself? In the OFSTED inspection, one parent commented that 'This is an excellent school; there is a real sense of community.' We would be delighted to take you on a tour of our amazing school and hopefully you will see for yourself exactly why our SATs results are higher than national expectations.


                                            Mrs Jacqueline Marr  - Headteacher                                                  

 Mrs Cara Duffy - Chair of Governors


Year 6 results to be proud of again in July 2019! (Unfortunately due to COVID-19 we have no results for July 2020 or 2021)

Working at expected standard or above

Mathematics - 84%

Grammar , Punctuation and Spelling - 94%

Writing - 94%

Reading - 81%

Combined Reading, Writing and Maths - 74%


Congratulations once again must go to our pupils and staff for working hard in 2020 - 2021 to achieve results which would have continued Northern's celebratory achievements of achieving levels above those achieved nationally and very often locally. Unfortunately due to coronavirus we did not have the opportunity to prove this through national tests.These results follow on from our excellent results which were well above national standards in 2018, 2017 and also the ones in 2016 which placed Northern in the top 1% of primary schools in England for attainment in writing and mathematics.


Here are a few comments from our parents and children about what they think about Northern.


Child - I always go up the traffic lights to get over the rainbow. I have enjoyed doing work and having a great teacher and Mrs Marr always making me smile.

Parent - My child has been in great care and had an awesome class to play with. He has really enjoyed doing maths in groups.


Child - I have enjoyed my teachers and my friends - I really missed them during lockdown. I am proud of myself because I have learnt to draw without a ruler.

Parent -  I am so proud of my child because he has been amazing! He has done every piece of work set for him. He has kept trying despite really struggling.


Child - I am proud of myself because I try my hardest and have done well in my learning. I enjoyed completing Bikeability.

Parent - My child has enjoyed the social aspects of school and has developed some strong friendships. I am proud of my child because his teachers have commented on the fantastic way he tries hard and is a role model for others. 


Child - I am proud of myself because I have made lots of friends and achieved so much in my learning. 

Parent - My child has achieved and learnt so much since being at Northern. He has made so many friends. His confidence has become a lot stronger. My child has loved playing football for the school in competitions. He has always liked his teachers and will really miss them.


Child - I am proud of myself because of how far I have got on Reading Eggs. I have enjoyed music with my teacher.

Parent - My child has enjoyed everything about school life. He loves school and always talks positively about it at home. I am proud of my child because of all the wonderful comments about his hard work and his example setting behaviour.


If you would like a paper copy of any of the information on the school website then please just contact Mrs Melvin on 01706 874154 or at and she will willingly arrange this for you.

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