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Christmas Trip to Gawthorpe Hall

This term we had a fantastic trip to Gawthorpe Hall where we learned lots of things about what Christmas was like many years ago in Victorian times.  We visited the cook in her kitchen and learned all about her Christmas baking and where all of the different foods came from.  We were shocked that some foods took hours, days or even weeks to arrive depending on how far they had to travel from, things are much easier now that we have supermarkets!  We also took part in a craft activity where we made our own cornucopias (little pyramid shaped boxes to put treats inside) which we brought home with us and also got the chance to play some traditional parlour games with the butler (and his service dog!). 


Perhaps the most special part was when we got to visit the main man himself, Father Christmas!  He talked to us about the different presents that Victorian children might find in their stockings and read us a traditional poem that had been written many years ago about him!  He has a spellbinding manner and kept us all hanging on his every word, truly magical!  


All the children behaved fantastically and were a credit to the school.  What a wonderful start to December!