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Week 11 Wednesday

Good morning!

What a lovely, sunny morning it is too!

Let's have a look at what you got up to yesterday...

Hannah sent updates on the growth of her seeds!

Max has been working hard and playing hard! His plant is doing very well!

Isla worked hard in Literacy and Numeracy and then had a gorgeous stroll around Rowley Lake!

Sam has been very busy! He also sent in a gorgeous video of him flying a kite but unfortunately I can upload it!

Ellie has worked hard.

Blair spotted some beautiful flowers while on his walk.

Max sent in some great photos!

Thank you for sending in all those lovely photos! It was great getting to look through them and see what you're all up to :)

Right, thinking caps on Year 3!


Hot air balloons
How does a hot air balloon work?
Watch the clip and read the information on the web page below:
What is a Hot Air Balloon?

Explore any vocabulary that is unfamiliar, e.g. suspended, altitude, resistant, navigate.
Use a dictionary to find the definitions of these words.

Read through The History of The Hot Air Balloon section from this website:

Write down five facts that you have found out.

Now enjoy watching some real hot air balloons on the clips below:
Hot Air Balloon Mass Ascent – Balloon Festival Barnstorf 2019 

Hot Air Balloon Mass Ascent | Balloon Festival Barnstorf 2019

Colourful Time-Lapse of Hot Air Balloons in New Mexico – Short Film Showcase (spelt colorful in this American video).


Hop on reading eggs my little superstars! Lots of certificates for Friday please!



Well done with the addition yesterday! Silly me, putting addition instead of subtraction!

So, today... we have subtraction! 

I am in school again, so will be slow to reply but please email if you're finding anything tricky.

Column Subtraction


Follow this link to complete your celery experiment! 

Sorry this is late, I was reminded of it yesterday as I had completely forgot to place it on the website!

Send in pictures of your results! I've only ever had this not work once. 

Right guys, have a great day!