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Week 14 Thursday

Good morning Year 3!

One more get up guys! Then it's.... holidayssss!

Hope you enjoy the new video. Miss Collins and I wanted to wish you happy holidays as best we could!



Max found a newt while out and about yesterday! He was very excited and I would be too! Great spot!

I love that picture. Reminds me of Matilda when they find the newt and hide it in Miss Trunchball's water!


Okay, let's get learning! 


Now is your time to show off! I've picked lots of different pictures of settings and I would love for you to pick one and write a full paragraph DESCRIBING the picture. Please, no stories. Just a description. 

Here you go! There's plenty to choose from!


This is the last day that Reading Eggs will allow you to gain eggs for a certificate ready for Friday's special announcements! Get collecting. I've not set a specific task today because there seemed to be issues yesterday!



You've been doing really well on BBC Bitesize, capacity is a tricky topic! Carry on with today's task my little superstars!



Again, follow the link to the BBC Bitesize topic work for today. It's based on one of my favourite books! Alice in Wonderland.