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Remote Learning 16.12.20

Good morning remote learners! 



This morning, we're going to be exploring prepositions - this sounds complicated, but all it means is a word that tells you where something is. Look through your activity booklet until you find "Rocking Around The Christmas Tree."

Can you write five sentences using the preposition word bank? For example, "The presents were beneath the tree on Christmas Eve."


Next, we've got Santa's Slip Up to fix! Here we'll be exploring prefixes, those parts in front of a word that change the meaning.

Which root word matches up with which prefix? For example "il" matches with "legible" to form "illegible", so I'd draw a line from the "legible" present to the "il" house.


For maths we've got a mystery on our hands - the mystery of the Christmas Party! Look through your activity booklet to find the mystery pack; you'll have to solve the clues to find the winner. You'll have number sequences, place value and adding problems to solve and work out who it could be. Read the clues carefully and if you think you've cracked it, or need some help, email me at

Guided Reading

For Guided Reading today, make sure you log in to Reading Eggs and click "ReadingEggspress" to find the assignment "The Runaway Turkey", there will be chapters of a Christmas story to read through with a quiz at the end.



You should have some lollypop sticks in your home learning pack - it's time to get creative and design our own Christmas decorations with them! Last week we made a star - what else could you design? Here's a few ideas!