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Wednesday 13th January

Good morning Reception Class.  Your work yesterday was fabulous and it is great that you are all enjoying learning from home.  Today we will continue to learn about the coldest people around the world and the animals that live in them.


Phonics will take place as it did yesterday and I have sent out the Teams times to you already.  Please log in to Oxford Owl using the user name - npsreception1 and password NPS1234.

Please read the book which was discussed yesterday prior to the session and then I will meet with you at the allocated time.

Handwriting practise - m, f, n, p, q, y

9.45 group - Practice all sounds.  Words to write - let, put, bell, log, mat

Green Group - Children to write a sentence - Will got the cub in his big net.

Red Group - Sun Hat Fun - Story 2 Pop - Children to write a sentence - A fox in a big box.


Maths - Today we will be matching numerals to amounts with numbers in above 10 and less than 20.  I have attached a work sheet to this page.  If you do not have a printer then please just ask your child to match them on the screen and let us know how you get on.  I will meet at 11am to see how you are all getting on with maths.


Topic and Literacy - Your work on penguins has been amazing and I am so proud of the hard work you have put in.  Today we will be learning about polar bears.  Watch this prior to the 1pm session - BBC iPlayer - Andys Wild Adventures - Series 2: 10. Polar Bears and then carry out some research with your parents.  I would then like you to draw your own polar bear and label the parts of its body (eg - black eyes, fur, big feet etc).  Please then send a picture of these to us.  I will see you at 1pm to introduce the topic.


Afternoon topic - 

Discuss with the children how cars can create pollution.  

How do you feel when you see smoke coming out from a car? 

Who/what might be harmed/hurt by the pollution? 

How can we use the car less? What could we do instead? 

Some children may now be aware of the increasing number of electric vehicles. 

If your school is in an area that people choose or need to drive to, discuss how children can encourage their parents/carers to turn their engine off whilst idle/parked.  Make a poster to display in your window to show other people how they can help the environment.

Another day of fantastic home learning