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Week 4 Day 3

Hello everyone... we’ve made it to the end of another day. It has seemed a long day today. I have been busy with doing online training, in amongst answering emails, today so I’m ready for a break! Well done to those of you have emailed work. I will put on the gallery later. Toby has definitely got a different type of weather to write on his diary today! Don’t forget to listen to the song of the week from sing up. It is Wiggle Jiggle. I sang at the gate last week with Toby, Edward and Jack from Year 2’s family. This mainly consisted of Jack’s mum and myself trying to sing, with the boys cringing! We are going for round 2 for the board game as last night Edward spoilt it and had to go to bed early. We managed our smiley faces though so hope you can spot if you walk past my house!

Have a lovely evening,

Mrs Dixon





Morning everybody! We have got lots of activities to do today to keep you busy! You have to compare objects 1-50 in maths. You have been working through the activities well- I like the way you have been using practical equipment to help with your answers! The other subject given today is looking at materials which is building on work we have done in school. Remember the English part of BBC doesn’t need to be completed (unless you want to!) as we are using the separate Literacy plans from Lancashire. Enjoy your next lesson on pets. There was some amazing drawings and writing done on Monday and Tuesday so I look forward to seeing what you produce today. The challenge for today is a maths puzzle...

Have a lovely day...keep it up everyone we are halfway through the week....who am I going to choose for shooting star this week?

Mrs Dixon


Morning everyone. It doesn’t look very sunny outside so I thought an indoor challenge may be best today.


Lego challenge today!! Can you build a rainbow out of your lego? (if you don’t have any lego you can use any kind of building blocks). Don’t worry about having all the right colours – just make it look as bright as possible. Here are a few ideas to get you started…...

Happy building! Enjoy your day! Mrs Ball