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Week 7 Monday

Well, it might have been a rainy Monday but you've certainly cheered me up with the pictures of the work and activities you've been doing. I've uploaded some of them (there are simply too many to do them all). I love seeing the different things you are doing and it is so nice to 'chat' with you via email. I've noticed lots of birds in my garden today, I think the rain has brought the worms near the surface and the blackbirds are certainly thankful! We've got feeders in the garden and there have been BlueTits enjoying the food today.

Until tomorrow, enjoy the rest of the day

Mrs Hill

Good morning Year 2, it's Monday again. One more week until the half-term holidays, I hope you all had a good weekend and are ready for this week's home learning.

I need to start with some sad news. Unfortunately one of our caterpillars has not survived. It had started to make its chrysalis on the floor of the pot, which is not the right place. When making a chrysalis the caterpillars produce a sticky substance (similar to a spider web silk) to hang from places such as the underside of a leaf. This keeps the chrysalis safe and protected. However, because the caterpillar had started to make the chrysalis on the floor it was stuck and could not move. We are just waiting now for the last caterpillar to make its chrysalis then I can move the lid into the net.

Your home learning this week for Literacy is all about Birds. I have really enjoyed listening to the birds in my garden while we've been at home even though they do start singing extremely early every morning! Maths and Topic are on BBC Bitesize, the link is in the overview section. Maths today is repeated addition and multiplication and Topic is learning about a famous person.

Today's challenge:


Have a good day, looking forward to hearing from you.

Mrs Hill