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10.2.21 Remote Learning

Spelling - fill in the gaps with this week's words.

Math puzzle - addition and subtraction crossword! Fill in the blanks to make all the sums correct.

Literacy - Debate texts

Today we're going to start our debate text on whether or not it would be better to live in the Stone Age or the modern day. We're going to be writing the first 3 paragraphs, including:


- The title, which should be a question and short.

- The introduction paragraph, which should tell the reader what's being discussed and a very short view of some of the reasons for and against.

- The best point for, with reasons to back it up.

- The best point against, with reasons to back it up.  


We need to use these conjunctions: 

So if one of my reasons for the modern day being better was that children can go to school, I might set it out like this:


Many people believe education is important for children. After all, going to school teaches you to read and write, improving confidence and your knowledge about the world around you, which are important skills. On the other hand, in the Stone Age nobody went to school or knew how to read and write. As a result, they didn't know much about the world around them and furthermore children had to do difficult tasks such as skinning animals and making tools. 

Maths - number sequences

Today we'll be looking at spotting number patterns and carrying on the sequence.


There are a few steps to success we need to remember - the first is to find what the pattern is. Is it adding each time or taking away? Let's look at the first question together. 


14, 18, 22


They're getting bigger, so we're adding - and the difference between 14 and 18 is 4 - this means the rule is +4.

Next we need to use that rule on the the missing numbers! So 22 + 4 = 26.

Then keep going until the blanks are filled in!

Sikhism - Devotion and commitment

For our last look at Sikhism, we're looking at how Sikhs show that they are committed to their beliefs and dedicated to following their faith. Let's have a look at what these key commitments are:



What can you find out about why Sikhs follow the 5ks? Can you answer the questions above?  


The Kirpan has been a subject of some debate and it's often misunderstood with strong feelings on both sides - Sikhs have been questioned at airports, stopped from going in theme parks and can't go on the London Eye. 

Just like our debate texts, you could say there's no 'right' or 'wrong' answer to this.


Have a watch of the two short news reports. One is Sikhs telling the news about the Kirpan and what it means to them. The second is a report from America - a Sikh was banned from going on a bus because he was wearing his kirpan. Was this right? What would you think if you were on the bus? What decision would you make if you were the bus driver and why? 

Write a short paragraph on your views.

BBC Breakfast News - Kirpan report

Sikh PA helped arrange this piece of news coverage on movements for Kirpan awareness, centring on Basics of Sikhi's Kirpan leaflet, available to download her...

Sikh student denied bus ride due to his kirpan

A kirpan is required by Harsimram Singh's faith to be worn.