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Week 4 Day 4

Wow what a rainy end to the day! I am typing this in my kitchen and can hear the rain on the skylights! Not good for us but definitely good for the garden! I’m growing cauliflower, courgettes, rhubarb, tomatoes and pumpkins! I say grow....I’ll let you know if anything happens as last year I grew a pumpkin in a pot, transferring outside... all going well and then in the wind it blew the pot over and snapped the stem! sad I hope you have been working hard today. I have been into school and loved escaping my four walls, if only for a few hours! It was lovely to speak to some of you this morning...keep in touch! Remember it’s shooting star tomorrow...who will it be?

Bye for now 

Mrs Dixon




Morning Year One! We have made it to Thursday- nearly there! I am going into school this morning so will be pleased for change of scenery for a few hours! I am missing being at work and hearing all your news! I know some of you are running out of work book space. If you want to email me and call at school I could let you have another one (leaving at a safe distance of course!). Today you have ordering numbers 1-50 on BBC BItesize to complete- let me know how you get on! There is also a lesson on Judaism. Unfortunately we have missed this topic in school so it is beneficial if you complete this whilst at home. Enjoy your next Literacy lesson on pets. The work some of you have produced is amazing. Hopefully the weather is going to stay dry today....although my boys enjoyed going out with their umbrellas yesterday for a walk in the rain.

The challenge today is one from my forest school... can you make a birds nest? Start with larger twigs etc and then fill in with smaller ones.....There are helpful videos online if you want some support!

Have a lovely day

Mrs Dixon




Morning Year 1


I like Mrs Dixon’s challenge of building a birds nest – that sounds fun! I thought today we could also do a bit of bird spotting. We’ve looked for mini-beasts over the last week so I thought over the next few days we could try and spot different birds!

I’ve attached a bird checklist. See how many birds you can spot and let me know where you saw them. Don’t worry if you can’t print out the sheet – just write them down or draw a picture. 


Let’s see how many birds we can spot!


Have a good day, Mrs Ball smiley