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Week 8 Thursday

Good Morning! Bonjour! Buenos Dias!

How are we doing on this beautiful day?

What did we get up to yesterday? Let’s have a look!



Isla was having lots of fun in the sun!

Miley has been working hard on her maths, enjoying time in her fairy garden and had a delicious looking picnic!

Okay, learning time!


Have you heard the story of Robin Hood?

Watch a summary here

Now watch The Legend of Robin Hood and have a go at the quiz.

What do you know about Robin Hood after watching the clips?

Wait, there’s more!

Read this story about Robin Hood

(It’s American so there may be some American spellings in there)

Think about all you have found out about Robin Hood.

I would like you to use all of this new knowledge to create an acrostic poem on Robin Hood.

Use this explanation to help you!




Head over to Reading Eggs and try and get yourself a silver certificate!

Or, listen to 20 minutes of The Enchanted Wood.

Enchanted Woods by Enid Blyton Audiobook


We’re continuing with rounding.

Head to the same game but this time I would like to you to try rounding to the nearest 100!

Challenge? 9999 to the nearest hundred… OoooooOooooo! Who’s brave enough?!




Loved the flower drawings! Great effort! This time we’re going to focus on textiles.

Today, we’re going to draw a bouquet!

How To Draw A Flower Bouquet

Learn how to draw a flower bouquet! Become an Art Club member Learn more about the art supplies we love to use h...

I'd love to see your flowers at the end!


A bientot, Year 3!