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Week 5 Work Gallery


Thursday 1 Great writing Elsie!
Thursday 2 Super Elsie!
Thursday 3 VE food!
Thursday 4 Great flag Aimee!
Thursday 5 Great VE Day biscuit Aimee!
Thursday 6 Wow! Such a lot of blue Harriet!
Thursday 7 Harriet's Scavenger work!
Thursday 8 Great effort Harriet!
Thursday 9 Lottie's colourful fish tank.
Thursday 10 Great drawing Lottie
Thursday 11 Harriet's fun fish tank!.
Thursday 12 Great work Harriet!
Thursday 13 Love it Lottie!
Thursday 14 A super flower Lottie!
Thursday 15 Lottie's picture
Thursday 16 Well done Sam!
Thursday 17 Great effort Sam
Thursday 18 Great RRSA work Lottie!
Thursday 19 Beautiful bunting Isabel!
Thursday 20 Well done Zac!


Wednesday 1 Lovely Scavenger Hunt work Elsie!
Wednesday 2 Right's respecting Elsie
Wednesday 3 Great writing Isabel!
Wednesday 4 Super BLUE hunt Isabel!
Wednesday 5 Great sorting!
Wednesday 6 Well done Sam!
Wednesday 7 Good phonics Sam!
Wednesday 8 Super effort Zac!
Wednesday 9 Great work Harriet!
Wednesday 10 Lottie sorting!
Wednesday 11 Mrs Ball's challenge by Lottie!
Wednesday 12 Great work Lottie!
Wednesday 13 Pink Scavenger Hunt!


Tuesday 1 1st set of work sent in - Elsie!
Tuesday 2 Great maths Elsie!
Tuesday 3 Rat writing from Aimee!
Tuesday 4 Super RRSA work Aimee!
Tuesday 5 Great maths Arthur!
Tuesday 6 Brody's super work about rats!
Tuesday 7 Super maths Sam!
Tuesday 8 Sam's great rats writing!
Tuesday 9 Healthy or not healthy?
Tuesday 10 Amazing effort Zac!
Tuesday 11 Healthy or unhealthy? Zac
Tuesday 12 Harriet's maths
Tuesday 13 What a brilliant rat picture Harriet!
Tuesday 14 Lottie's writing
Tuesday 15 Super maths Lottie!


Monday 1 Lovely work Elsie!
Monday 2 Elsie has been busy with maths!
Monday 3 Sam has been bust on reading eggs!
Monday 4 Super maths Sam!
Monday 5 Sam is keeping up his phonics work!
Monday 6 Nice writing today Sam!
Monday 7 Good maths Noah!
Monday 8 Noah's maths!
Monday 9 Great maths work Harriet!
Monday 10 Harriet has worked really hard on her literacy!
Monday 11 Well done Harriet - first piece of VE Day work!
Monday 12 Great try with the Literacy task Zac!
Monday 13 Zac has been doing his PSHE tasks.
Monday 14 Great phonics work Zac!
Monday 15 I love Lottie's little rat!
Monday 16 Some nice research Lottie!
Monday 17 Well done Leia!
Monday 18 Leia's writing