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Summer 2 Wk 1 Thursday

Good afternoon, the sun is shining now which is good to see. I can tell it's been a gloomy day again though as I've had lots of amazing work sent to me. It's been fabulous to have some videos of you speaking French, I'm very impressed and it's a good start to a new subject when you move to Year 3. I have uploaded one of the videos and just waiting for permission to upload another one.


Reception children enjoyed a Zoom chat with Mrs Ewens and Miss Nuttall today. I will be arranging times for us but I need your parents' email addresses. If you haven't emailed me this week please can you so I've got your email address.


Enjoy the rest of the day. Until tomorrow, stay safe

Mrs Hill

Good morning, it's Thursday already...these shorter weeks go quickly!


Your tasks for today are continuing with the Birds topic, I loved the detailed drawings you sent with your facts yesterday. Don't forget, there is 5 days on the plan so you might be following a different day to someone else. That's fine! Maths is odd and even numbers, we're good at counting patterns and Topic is a French lesson, ooh la la! That sounds like loads of fun! Maybe you could send a short video (no more than 20 seconds) of you speaking French that I can add to our webpage. Don't forget the change to my email address


Today's challenge:


Have a great day, looking forward to hearing from you.


Mrs Hill