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2.2.21 Remote Learning

Morning activity - Children's Mental Health Week

It's Children's Mental Health Week this week. The health of our minds, just like our bodies, can effect how we think, feel and behave, so it's important to take care of what's inside your head just like you would every other part of your body. The theme is 'Express Yourself'. Watch the videos below;

Can you create a poster which is creative and informative to help someone who might be worried at home, feeling anxious or stressed? What could they do to help their mental health? How could you express yourself and make the poster creative using colour, patterns or images? 




We're going to look at our Rights Respecting Schools for our literacy today and Article 17, a really important right for us to have;

Article 17 of the UNCRC says children and young people should be able to access information, particularly from the media. They should be able to get information from many places— from their country and beyond.

This Article applies to all kinds of media, including:

  • print media― such as newspapers or magazines,
  • electronic media― such as websites, and
  • audiovisual media― such as radio and television programmes.

Article 17 of the Convention on the Rights of a Child - Behind the News

In 2016, the focus of National Children's Week was Article 17 of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. You probably don't know what that is off the t...

This is a particularly important right these days as there's lots of ways to get information - some good, some of which spread information that can be untrue, or even dangerous! Especially these days getting reliable information is important for our mental health - if we hear or read things that are untrue, it can make us worry for no reason.


On PurpleMash you have a new 2Do - can you write a letter to a friend who is worried about what she or he is reading about Coronavirus? What are the facts about Coronavirus and what untrue things have been said about it? What shouldn't we worry about and what do we need to know about the facts? Have a look at the links below for some unreliable information that has been spread, and more reliable information! 

Coronavirus myths:

More myths! Remember you have a right to reliable information - can you tell your friend about these myths?


Information on Coronavirus and the vaccine;

What are the facts about the different variants of Coronavirus?

Maths - 1, 10 and 100 more or less.

Today in maths we're looking at place value, and changing numbers by 1, 10 and 100 more or less. Watch the link below and join us for the live lesson - can you complete the questions above?

There's no business like snow business!

If you've registered for our Stone Age crafts, we'll see you at 1. If not, or even if you did, it's snow joke - you've got a sculpture challenge to complete! Can you send in a photo of your best snow sculpture? They'll be certificates for the winner and bonus points if you can link it with our topic! You could make an snow Stonehedge...snowhedge, or a snowy Skara Brae. Good luck!