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Thursday 11th February

Good morning Reception Class.  Here is your learning for today - 

Phonics - 


Maths - 

I am learning to use positional language 

Starfall: Space 3D 

Today we will be looking at positions up, down, left and right.  This is an introduction to left and right and there are arrows on the screen to help you so don’t worry! 

Hungry Pirates . Games . peg + cat | PBS KIDS 



I am learning to write instructions 

Today you will be using Purple Mash again.  I would like you to think about the pictures you ordered yesterday.  Click on the + in the corner of each picture space and add the pictures in the correct order.  try and write a simple sentence to go with each. 



I am learning to understand my rights and the importance of 

Article 31 “the right to relax and play”. 

Article 31 tells us that children have the right to relax and play and have fun. This supports your mental health and makes sure you grow up to be happy, confident adults. 

Draw and label a picture of your ideal play area. Would it be inside or outside or both? What things would be in it? Would there be different areas?