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Sum 2 Wk 2 Tuesday

Good afternoon team!


Another day done!  Well done to all of those who have been in touch with work for the gallery today, you are doing so well, you must be missing school, I know I am!  


Thumbs up yes to the children who have completed their Mathletics today - Noah, Aimee, Elsie, Mac, Ruby, Violet, Lottie, Albie, Isabel, and also the Reading Eggs gang - Isabel, Lexi-Mae, Sam, Elsie, Harriet, Ruby, Violet, Zac and Lottie!


I will be back online tomorrow so have a lovely evening!


Mrs E x



Good morning everyone! laugh


If you haven't already, please send me your photographs to add to our webpage, so far there are only 8 of you and it would be nice to add to the gang this week!


I hope you are all well and ready for another good day today!  Well done to all those I mentioned in my afternoon message yesterday and to those who sent me work for our gallery.  Lets hope we have some more super effort today from you all!  You are looking at instructions with the Mr Men characters in Literacy today so you should be quite good at that as we had just done an instructions topic in class before lockdown - remember those bossy verbs?  Maths is on Bitesize again and the details that you need for the 'Pobble Task' are below. 


Have a good day everyone, I look forward to hearing from you,


Mrs E heart


PS:  Don't forget to have a look at Harold's Diary and also your Reading Eggs and Mathletics tasks.  


laughWell done to Sam, Zac, Harriet, Isabelle and Aimee who have all completed every single Year 1 Mathletics activity now,   achieving 90% or more for each one!  Superb effort!laugh

Use these two 'Pobble' sheets to access your tasks for today.  The idea with 'Pobble' is to give you an interesting picture to look at and discuss with your grown up, you could think about the following questions;


What is happening?  

Why are the children floating in the air?

Do you think they are having fun?

Would you like to do that?

How have they ended up in that situation?

What might happen next?


Once you have discussed the picture have a go at the two tasks.  For the sentence activity - the idea is to improve each sentence by making it sound more interesting by changing and adding words.


Good luck - I can't wait to see what you come up with!


Mrs E yes

Hi Year 1 hope you had a nice day yesterdaylaugh


Over the last few months I think we have all  played lots of games at home – you may have played computer games, board games or made up a new game! Today could you review a game that you like? On Purplemash there is a Games Review sheet that lets you give your opinion about a game and add some pictures and comments.


Log in to Purplemash
In search type: Games Review
Click on icon: Blank Computer Game Review


See if you can fill in the sheet and tell me about your game – I’ll have a read later and see if I should have a go at playing at!


Have a lovely day, Mrs Ball wink