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Summer 2 Wk3 Monday

Good afternoon, today has flown by! I have loved reading the poems you have sent.....I can hear myself in your words! That must mean lots of things got lost in our classroom; you knew exactly what to say!


Enjoy the rest of the day,

Until tomorrow

Mrs Hill

Good morning Year 2, it's Monday again and the sun is shining! I hope you have had a lovely weekend. We released our final butterfly on Saturday while it was sunny; I will upload a video later.


If you are out and about today you will see people wearing face coverings on public transport; it is a new rule from today. Lucas made a face covering from some Harry Potter fabric a couple of weeks ago. 


Your tasks are outlined in the Weekly overview section. In Literacy we are starting a week of poetry. Today’s poem is about things going missing. What goes missing in our classroom? Mrs Hill’s scissors when Mrs Rothwell has borrowed them or the sellotape!

Maths is all about shape this week. Today is recognising and naming 2d shapes.

Topic is learning about a famous person: William Shakespeare. Mrs Hill’s favourite Shakespeare play is ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ all about fairies and mischief.


Today's challenge:


Have a good day everyone, I'm looking forward to hearing from you all.

Mrs Hill


Still image for this video
We released our last butterfly.