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Wednesday 25th November



Today we are going to write the next part of our traditional tale. We are going to build our sentences for the problem. 


Take a look at my example below to help. 


Tim excitedly climbed the beanstalk as fast as he could. When he reached the top, he saw a beautiful, gigantic castle covered in gold. He walked to the door where he spotted a sign saying NO VISITORS, I BITE! Tim was curious so he carefully opened the door and crept inside. He then spotted a grumpy, old cat sleeping by the fire. His knotty fur was grey and stripy. His tail was crooked, and his whiskers were as strong as wire. Surrounding the sleeping cat were lots of sparkling diamonds and golden coins. Tim could not believe his eyes. Suddenly, the cat’s eyes shot open. They were as red as fire. The cat bolted towards Tim and started to chase him. Tim was scared. Tim then hid in a cupboard where he spotted some delicious cookies and cream.


Don't forget to use the success criteria to check your work.



In maths we are looking at finding different combinations of coins that equal the same amount.



We can use different coins to equal the same amounts. The example above show different ways we can make 5p. 


Can you find different ways using different coins to male these amounts;


1) 8p

2) 15p

3) 19p

4) 24p

5) 30p