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Week 3 - Work Gallery

Day 1

Elsie's amazing family tree!
Well done Sam - lovely Family Tree!
Sam has had a go at Mrs Ball's challenge today!
Noah has done some super time work today!
Noah had a very exciting Easter!
Lottie's busy Easter writing!
Lottie has a lovely clock to use for time work!
An outstanding family tree from Aimee!
Super writing Harriet!
Harriet had a great idea to chalk her family tree!
Super clocks Brody!
Brody's very neat Family Tree!
Lovely Family Tree pictures Isabel!
What a lovely piece of writing! Fantastic Isabel!
I love Isabelle's idea for her family tree!
Super job Isabelle!

Day 2

Elsie's time.
Elsie's lovely flag!
Well done Elsie!  Beautiful work!
Lovely spelling work Harriet!
Isabel is doing really well with her time work!
What a lovely whiteboard Zac!
Great sentences Zac!
Smiley Zac with his flag!
Lovely flag Aimee!
Well done Noah!
Sam has had a go at 'Spelling of the day'!
Harriet has been so busy today!
Mrs Ball's task - well done!
Lovely flag Harriet!
I love Lottie's colourful spellings!
Isabelle's flag!
Super colourful spellings Lottie!
A very detailed flag Lottie - well done!

Day 3

Elsie has been very helpful today!
Wow!  Brilliant tower Isabelle!
Brilliant tower Elsie!
Elsie's got the family having a go too!
Harriet has done some super writing today!
Helpful Harriet!
Wow!  What a brilliant tower idea Lottie!
Aimee's tower is soooo tall!
Super helper Lottie!
Isabel building her tower!
Careful Brody!
Wow!!! What a tower!
Sam helped his Dad build a planter!
Super writing Sam!
Great tower Mac!

Day 4

Elsie and her sister's art from the music lesson!
Great spelling work Brody!
Isabelle chose a great song for music!
Aimee's music art!
Aimee painted Sophia!
Super focus Harriett!
Great art from listening to the Alton Towers theme
Zac's artwork
Great spelling and phonics work Zac!
A fantastic effort with the music/art task Lottie!
Thanks Lottie!
Great concentrating Mac!

Still image for this video
Harriet really got the idea of creating art to music today! Well done!

Still image for this video
Brilliant attitude towards the music task today from Isabelle and her family!

Day 5

Super questions from Elsie today!
Lovely work Isabelle!
So colourful!  Great spellings Isabelle!
Super questions Harriet!
Harriet knows what makes a good friend!
Well done Lottie - do you all agree?
Lottie has found a great workspace!
Lottie's questions!
Sam had a go at Harold's activities!
Sam painted to The Greatest Showman!