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Week 11 Thursday

Good morning!

What a beautiful, warm, bright and sunny morning it is too! 

Let's have a look at what some of you got up to yesterday...

Mason did some great Literacy work!

Max D has been working hard in his own exercise book.

Isla sent in some great work from our Literacy and Maths

Okay my lovelies, thinking caps on!


Wing it!
Watch this clip:
WING IT - The Animation School

WING IT - The Animation School

Now watch this scene from the film ‘Up’ Up Pixar Flying House Scene:

Up Pixar Flying House Scene

Your task today is to design/create your own flying machine.
What will it look like?
How will it fly?
Will it fly like a kite?

A hot air balloon?

An aeroplane?
How will it steer?



Draw and label your flying machine. Use everything that you have learnt over the last two weeks about flying to help you with your design.


It's time for Reading Eggs! I've got a few certificates coming through! How exciting!



Have a go at these column subtraction questions.



Column Subtraction


We've been looking at the life cycle of a plant. 

We've picked up keywords such as germination and seed dispersal. 

Now I would like you to create a diagram that shows the life cycle of a plant. 

Here's a clip to remind you and an example....

Example of a diagram for the life cycle of a plant

Keep up the good work Year 3! 

Miss you all very much.