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PE at Northern

Our Statement of Intent for Physical Education.

Our intent at Northern, we aim to provide the highest quality provision for sports across our school.  Our aim is to create a culture where all children see PE as an important part of their life and have high levels of participation in a variety of sporting activities. Our children are aware of the importance of exercise and following a healthy lifestyle as well as understanding the competitive and non-competitive elements of PE. We aim to ensure all PE lessons are practical and engaging and use a variety of equipment that includes learning and building on new and taught skills, but above all promotes enjoyment, curiosity and self-belief. We aim to ensure that as a school we take part in both competitive and non-competitive competitions in order to develop children's passion for the activities and understand that fun is the most important element. We also incorporate Active Learning into the school day to ensure that children are being active and making the learning kinaesthetic and engaging. This physical activity enables all children to access the learning as well as working towards being a healthy school.


Early Years Foundation Stage

The intent in EYFS is to focus on developing gross and fine motor skills as well as incorporating five fundamental movement skills ready to access PE in KS 1.


Key Stage 1

The intent in KS 1 is to further develop the five fundamental movement skills and then began to teach them HOW to apply these skills in context. The children start to develop their knowledge in using simple tactics in game type activities and creating sequences of movement in Gymnastic and Dance type activities.


Key Stage 2

The intent in KS 2 is to teach and develop children's attacking skills through a range of different sports and activities. They will develop their transferring of skills across a range of sports. They will also learn and develop their defending skills which again are transferrable across a range of sports and activities.