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Summer 2 week 1 Friday

Welcome to the weekend!! Well done for all the work you have sent in today, and this week in general. I have sent you all an email about a zoom chat. I have had lots of positive replies- exciting. If you haven’t received one- let me know if you would like to join in. Have a lovely weekend. It is Mrs Egan’s week next week for the website and I know she’s looking forward to hearing from you all again.

Take care, Mrs Dixon 


Yippee it’s Friday! We have nearly made it to the weekend...

Shooting star this week goes to Lottie đź’« what a star you have been since we have done home learning. You have completed every task, everyday, to a very high standard! This is whilst having a smile on your face on the pictures that you have sent. Keep it up Lottie!! 
Enjoy your last lesson on The Jolly Postman. I look forward to reading your next page from a ‘baddy’ fairytale character apologising for the crimes they committed! Bbc bitesize maths is the challenge of the week and Design and Technology is based on packaging. Have a good day. I will be sending you all an email today so look out for it, 

Mrs Dixon 



Morning Year 1 - Friday again already!! laugh


This week we have been thinking about space - so today I wonder if you could design your own rocket! You could draw it, or make one out of lego or even make a model!


I would love to see your designs! Well done to those who sent me their 'space list' - it was great to see what you would take to space!


Have a lovely Friday and enjoy your weekend, Mrs Ball smiley