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Staff code for online learning

When online at home whilst helping children to learn and have fun...

As a staff member I will:

  • Follow the same safeguarding protocols as at school. If I have a concern about a child I shall report this to Mrs Marr or Mrs Melvin who are my DSLs
  • Ensure the work I am setting is safely accessible for all children
  • Ensure the tasks I am setting are well signposted online and children are able to find them without difficulty
  • When using websites, I will have checked these prior to setting the work to be certain these are safe and appropriate
  • Be contactable via email during learning times to help parents and children with any difficulties they may encounter - although this might not be immediate
  • Respond to children’s work and provide them with feedback at given times during the day
  • Ensure that parents understand that if on some days they are not able to support their child with all of their remote learning that this is fine and completely understandable