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Tuesday 19th January

Good morning Reception Class.  Here is your learning for today - 

Maths - 

I am learning to double a number. 

Recap doubling from yesterday, children to complete the attached worksheets.  If you do not have a printer you can draw your own.  Underneath write double__ is __ ask children to say back the sentence. 


Ladybird doubles either 10 or 20. 


Literacy - 

I am learning to write labels. 

Inuit people use animal skin, whale bines and ice for shelters.  Design your own shelter; what materials would you use and why?  Label them and talk to your grown up about why you have chosen those things . 


Phonics - 

Green Group - Rag the Rat – Read pages 6, 7, 8 

Comprehension questions -  

Letters to practice - c,o,e,s,y,p 

Hold a sentence – Rag the rat has a big top hat. 

Remember finger spaces, capital letter and full stop. 

Red Group - Nog in the Fog – Page 6 

Comprehension questions -  


Letters to practice – c,o,e,s,y,p 

Hold a sentence – Nog can jog in fog. 

Blue Group - Letters to practice - c,o,e,s,y,p 

Write words – cop, sock, stop, cot 

Practice all sounds verbally. 

Well done to the children who are working from home.