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Week 3 Day 2

Well that is Tuesday done!


Well done to everyone who has had a go at our tasks for today - especially those who have sent me an email with photos or messages telling me what you have done.  Those I have heard from so far, if you have sent me pictures they will be on the gallery, but don't worry I will keep adding any others that I get when I can.  The work that I have been sent has been super - I am really proud of how careful most of you are being to make sure your work is as well presented as possible, keeping your standards high - well done!  I am particularly pleased with those of you who have been on the Reading Eggs assignment - Brody N, Aimee, Arthur, Harriet, Isabelle, Lexi-Mae and Zac! It is a new resource for us but those of you who have been on have told me you are enjoying it which is super!  


I've been busy at home too - helping my girls with their work (Liv is doing fractions!), keeping track of your messages and emails and looking at lots of planning documents and ideas for when we are all back at school.  I would much rather be in the classroom with all of you but we are all doing what we can to stay safe and are making the best of it.  Well done team!


Have a lovely evening my lovelies!  I will be back in the morning!


Mrs E x


Good morning everyone laugh


The sun is shining again at my house so it looks like we have another lovely day ahead of us.  See if you can do any of your learning tasks outside again today.  Maths is Mathletics and Time again - don't forget to have a go at the Topmarks games that I mentioned on our Day 1 page and let me know which ones you do.


For the Literacy activity you are using your phonics sounds.  If you have lost your phonics sheets, here are a few sounds from Set 2 and 3 that you could use for this task, feel free to do more than one sound if you are up for the challenge!


Set 2 - ay (may)  ee (see) igh (high) ow (blow) oo (poo)


Set 3 - a-e (make) i-e (smile) o-e (phone) u-e (huge) e-e (Pete) are (sure) ire (fire) are (care) ear (hear)


I have set you all an assignment on Reading Eggs today so when you log in have a look for it.  I'm still getting to grips with this new website so I am hoping it has worked!  If you can't find it don't worry - just work through one of your 'lessons' or choose a book from the reading Eggs Library to read and do a quiz on.


Red Word Spelling of the Day - WHY - Can you write it in different colours? Chalk/felt tip/paint/bubble writing/fancy writing.  Can you put it into different sentences?


Have a lovely day everyone!  Don't forget your Easter Pictures if you haven't sent them in already.


I'm here if you need me; 


I can't wait to see your work today!


Mrs E x


Hello Year 1 - Mrs Ball here cool


I have a little challenge for you – yesterday we had a go at drawing an alien on the computer, today can you colour in and name some of these aliens using your Read Write Inc. sounds? Remember the names will be nonsense words (this activity usually makes us laugh – you can all think of some very funny names!). I have attached a sheet but if you can’t print out why not draw your own alien and give them a name.

It would be great if you could tell me which is your favourite alien and why.

Have a good day, Mrs Ball