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Snow Day 10/03/2023

Good morning Reception!  Today we won’t be learning in the classroom but you will still be able to learn from home!  Below you will find all the work which you will need to complete from home today.  To support you with your learning,

Mrs Baron, Miss Nuttall and Mr Hindle can be contacted by emailing them at and and


Here is your learning for the day;


Phonics/Letter formation
Today we are focussing on forming the letter p.

We say the rhyme ‘Down the plait and over the pirate’s face’ to help us write the letter.
Practice writing p with the correct letter formation, sitting it on the line.
Then have a go at writing these words making sure we are forming the letters correctly. Use your ‘Fred Fingers’ to help you sound out the words.


There are reading activities set on Oxford Owl. Please contact us if you need your login.


We have been working super hard to compose and write simple sentences. Use the picture below to write some simple sentences. Remember to use your phonics and your ‘Fred Fingers’.
e.g The girl is digging.
      I can see a bush.



What Are We Learning?
We are learning about the numbers nine and ten.
How to Set up the Challenge
• Draw a ten-frame onto a sheet of paper. A ten-frame is a simple table with two rows of five boxes (see the illustration for an example).
• Gather a set of ten small objects, such as coins, buttons, pom-poms, building bricks or small snacks, such as raisins.
• Arrange all ten items into the boxes of the ten-frame – placing one item into each box.
• Then, explore ways of arranging nine objects in the ten-frame.
• Take turns placing nine or ten objects into the ten-frame for the other person to identify how many there are. Can they recognise that a full ten-frame contains ten objects? Can they recognise that with nine objects, one box will always be empty?

How to Get Your Child Thinking
• What can you tell me about the ten-frame?
• Can you put ten items into the ten-frame?
• How do you know that there are ten?
• How many objects are in the ten-frame now?
• How do you know?
• Can you find another way to put nine objects into the ten-frame?
• Can you put nine/ten buttons into the ten-frame without counting them?




Our topic this half term is all about plants and growing. We have discussed what a plant needs to grow, how to plant a seed and the different parts of a plant.

Can you try making a model of a flower. You could use modelling dough, paper or card, construction toys, empty cardboard tubes and boxes or plastic tubs and pots. Think about how you could make the stem, the flower and the leaves. We would love to see any models you make!


Live phonic sessions for Mrs Baron's group (Red) will take place at 11:00 and the link for this will be emailed to parents.


If you are stuck with anything then please use the emails above and please send all completed work to Mrs Baron.


Golden time is time in the snow!