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Week 7 Tuesday

Good morning Year 3!

How are we all doing today?

Let's have a look at what some of you got up to yesterday...


Our Star of the Week worked writing sentences about the shoes he found around the house.

Zak also completed some great work in Literacy. Good going Zak.
Isla also had a great time finding shoes and writing sentences. Well done Isla!
Mason also wrote some lovely sentences using the shoes he'd found.
Ellie summarised the story and wrote some good sentences too.

Good work guys!


Guess Who

You were correct, it was Roman yesterday.

Miss Collins Guess Who for the day...

This little boy is a very good friend and helper. He is an especially good helper when it comes to popping the laptops back in the trolley. He has some lovely friendships with the children in the school and you can always see him laughing with his friends at dinner and break times. He works very hard in class and always tries his best with his work. He also sells one of the best spring rolls in Bacup. Can you Guess Who?



Ready to learn?


Today, we're going to read, listen to and watch a different story about shoes.

This story is called The Elves and The Shoemaker.


Follow this link to read the story.





Follow this link to listen to the story.



Now, watch the story here.

The Elves and the Shoemaker Fairy Tale - Watch

Which version of the story is your favourite? Why?


Write a review for each story.


Story 1

I really liked the.....

I would give this story .... out of 10 stars.


Story 2

I really liked the.....

I would give this story .... out of 10 stars.


Story 3

I really liked the.....

I would give this story .... out of 10 stars.


Now, try and retell the story in your own words. Just verbally. Use sentence starters;

One morning,

After that,


A litter later on,

That night,

You could face time a family member and explain the story to them.




Hope on Reading Eggs. How many more silver certificates can we get?




There is definitely a task set on Mathletics today. Have fun.




Did you enjoy learning about The Celts?



This afternoon, you're going to have to really use your brains.

Julius Caesar has written a message but it's a secret message. You have to crack the code. 

Using the table to help you, you need to find out what Julius Caesar is trying to say.


Good luck!


(Answers are on this document too)


There's also a challenge sheet after the first activity.