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W/B 7th Sept 2020

Hello and welcome to any Year 1 children (and parents) who are having to learn from home!  Each day we will add what we are doing in class so that you can join in too and keep up your learning at home.  Any worksheets that we use will be attached at the bottom.  Email in your work and photographs to or so we can see how you are doing and give you feedback.  wink


We miss you and hope to see you again soon!


Mrs Egan, Mrs Dixon and Mrs Ball



In Literacy today we are focusing on capital letter and rhyming words.  Try the following activities;


1) Can you practice writing all of the Capital letters?  Do you know what they all look like?  If you don't ask your adult to write them out for you to copy.


2) Can you think of at least 3 words that rhyme with each of these words? They can be real or alien (made up) words.










Can you practice forming any numbers that you are not quite confident with yet from 1-10 and then practice writing teen numbers in random orders (your grown up could tell you a number at a time).




We are learning about the 7 continents of the world today in class.  Have a look at this song on YouTube called "Seven Continents Song" and learn it to help you to remember them all!  I have attached a worksheet that you can complete but using the pictures on the song video to help you to identify each continent.  


Extra task - Talk a little bit with your grown up about what each continent is like - hot/cold, big/small population, what animals live there.  



Today our focus in Maths is counting in tens.  Have a go at the worksheets attached with your grown up (your grown up can decide which are most useful for you).  You could also practice counting in tens during the day, for example when you go up the stairs count the steps in tens!  




Can you draw your own story map for your favourite story?




In class we have been clapping and moving our bodies in different ways to the beat of a piece of music.  Can you do the same to some of your favourite pieces of music?  Draw a picture of yourself and write down what music you are moving to.



In Literacy this morning we will be re-telling the story of Lost and Found from Monday to each other.  Can you tell the story to your grown up?  Mrs Egan will draw a story map to help us - you could do this with your grown up, it's just little symbols and pictures that help you to remember the events in the story. 


Next we will read the story again (available on youtube) and talk about if we were the character how we would feel at different times.  Once you have talked about this with your grown up, can you write a sentence for each character "If I was the boy I would feel..."  and "If I was the penguin I would feel....."




We have been practicing our counting in class this week.  Can you count how many stuffed animals you have?  How many stairs are in your house?  How many doors?  How many pairs of socks you have?  Write down how many of each and other things if you can to practice your number formation.




Can you draw a picture of an animal?  Find a picture of one that you like to copy and look carefully at the detail and try to match it as well as you can.  Can you label the body parts too and write why ou chose this animal?



Today our main focus in class is maths.  We will be practicing our number work so have a go at some of the following activities;


1) How far can you count up and backwards? To 10? 20? 50? 100?  Practice counting un and down with a grown up.


2) Can you write out all the numbers from 1-20 with the correct formation?  Can you write the word to match each number?

      e.g. 1 one

              2 two            and so on.

      A grown up can help you with the spellings of these words if needed.


3) Ask a grown up to tell you a number. Can tell them 1 more than that number?  Play a few times.  If you are really good can you do the same with 1 less?




Can you practice your letter formation?  Concentrate on the curly letters today - e q o a g c d b




We will be taking about rules in class today.  Talk with your grown up about what rules we have in class and what rules you have at home.  Are any rules the same?  Why do we have each rule?  Do we have any rules that are more important than others?  If you wanted to you could make a poster showing your rules at home or our class rules.



Today our main focus is on Literacy in class.  Here are our tasks;


1) Can you describe some animals to a grown up for them to guess?  Can you guess the description of an animal that a grown up gives to you?  e.g. It is black and white, it has wings but can't fly, it live somewhere cold?  A penguin!


2) Next we will be looking at the story Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers (you can find a few versions of this on YouTube).  We will be reading the story and talking about how the characters feel at different points in the story, discussing them with a partner (you could with your grown up) and thinking about what they might say at different points.


3) Choose either the boy or the penguin.   Draw a picture of them and they write 1 or two sentences describing what they look like.  Don't forget finger spaces, capital letters and full stops. 




Can you practice writing all of your numbers up to 10 and drawing or finding the right number of things (circles squares, apples, lego bricks etc) to go with them?




What do you think a possum looks like?  Draw a picture of it and label its main body parts.  Find a picture of a real possum on the Internet and compare it to your drawing.  What things are the same?  Different?  Can you write a sentence showing one thing you have noticed?