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Week 9 Tuesday

Good morning! 

Hope we're all jolly and well this morning.

Let's have a look at what some of you have been up to recently...

Miley climbed Pendle Hill! Well done!

Isla is still working her little socks off! Great efforts sweetie!

Max has been planting some tomatoes! How exciting! I love watching plants grow.

Ellie did some great work on our topic challenge!

Sam has also been working super hard on our tasks!

Some super work sent in there guys, very impressive. Keep it up!


Okay, let's pop those thinking caps on!


Read and enjoy the opening to Esio Trot by Roald Dahl, up to 2:39 mins:

Roald Dahl | Esio Trot

After reading, discuss new and interesting vocabulary which you have read and use to explore similar words (synonyms). Some examples to explore are: widow riot polite distance courage.

Create a character chart about Mr Hoppy. Write down all the things you have found out.


Name? Where does he live? What do you think he did for a job? What does he like/ love? How old do you think he is? Say why. Which other characters are there? Anything else you know?



Hop on to Reading Eggs, have a go at some games if you've built up lots of eggs? Let's get some silver certificates!


Or, you could watch a little more of The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton.



Enchanted Woods by Enid Blyton Audiobook


Let's carry on with some negative number work.

Complete the sheet attached. Sorry if you don't own a printer, please could you copy and complete if you don't.



Negative number line worksheet


Firstly, don't forget to send in your fact file about an influential person for the black right civil movement to me by Friday so I can enter it in to the Picture News Competition.


Today's is a great one! Last week I asked you to try and purchase some planters and seeds. Today, we're going to start growing! I would absolutely love to see some picture of you planting your seeds or your vegetables or your herbs, what ever it is that you've purchased! It would be amazing if you could write come instructions or send in a picture of the instructions you had to follow. Plant as many or as little as you like. The idea will be to start a diary. But that's tomorrow's task. Today - we're going to become little gardeners. 


Have a wonderful time! Miss You!