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Week 14 Tuesday

Good morning!

Hope we are all feeling bright and refreshed today? 

3 more days after this and you can all hopefully start to relax!

Let's have a look at what you've been up to...


Sam had a great time following instructions from the cubs. He had to sleep anywhere that wasn't his bed. Looks cosy! That skate park looks like a lot of fun too!

Jack has been working hard! Look at his fabulous worksheets. Beautiful handwriting too!

Isla put some real effort in to the BBC Bitesize work yesterday. Very well done Isla!

Max has been working well on his Maths! Well done!

It's always so lovely to receive updates on what you've been doing. Thank you for sending pictures in!

I'm in school this week so won't be able to respond to emails with speed, I am sorry. 

Well, we best get learning!



We use a site called 'Pobble 365' in class. It helps us create some wonderful and interesting stories. 

Today, I want you to look at this picture and think of;

2 characters for the story 

I would like you to draw them and to write 3 sentences about them. 

Think about;

What they look like,

What they sounds like,

Their character - are they loud, shy, confident, strong....

I can't wait to see these characters!



Hop on Reading Eggs! I've already had a couple of certificates come through! How exciting!



We're going to follow BBCBitesize this week. Follow the link below!



Again, we're going to follow what BBC Bitesize have to offer! Head over using the link below!

Have a wonderful day! Keep sending in your pictures.


Miss you all very much!