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Sum 2 Wk 2 Thursday

Good afternoon,


Did you enjoy No-Bot? I hope so!  I think it's a great book! Anyway, I hope you have had a good day, thanks for those of you who have sent me work in for the gallery.  Elsie, Lottie, Ruby, Violet, Brody N and Noah have all been on Mathletics and Ruby, Sam, Aimee, Elsie, Harriet, Arthur, Lottie, Violet and Zac have cracked on with Reading Eggs - well done to all!


Friday tomorrow!  We are almost at the weekend team!


Have a lovely evening and I will be back tomorrow!


Mrs E x

Good morning all,


Happy Thursday everyone!  I hope you are all OK and managing to keep going with your home learning.  I know it isn't the same as being in school and you are probably all missing each other a lot, I know my two girls are missing their friends so much and us teachers miss you all too.  You are doing really well though and we are really proud of how hard you are trying to keep up with everything at home.  


So to today - Literacy on the Lancashire plan and maths is BBC Bitesize again - remember if you can't print out the maths just write the answers on paper.   Don't forget Reading Eggs and Mathletics too laugh


Your final task is based on the story of No-Bot and you can find the details and a link to the story below this message.  


Have a good day my lovelies,


Mrs E heart

No-Bot the Robot with no Bottom! Task


This story by Sue Hendra is one that we usually read in class during the Summer Term and I know that it is always very popular so I thought I would share it with you as one of your tasks this week.  Click on the link below to hear the story (if it doesn't work, there are lots of versions on You Tube) and then I would like you to have a go at one or all of the tasks below;


1) Draw a picture of the No-Bot and label all of his body parts.  Then draw a picture of you and label your body parts.  Are there any body parts that you have but the robot doesn't?  Does the robot have different body parts to you?


2) Imagine if No-Bot hadn't lost his bottom, but he had lost a different body part instead!  Choose a body part and draw/write about all the different things that his body part could have been used for, just like his bottom was.  e.g. his hand could have been used for a digging tool in a sandpit or his eye could have been a ball in a game.


3) Draw a robot and you.  Write down all the things that you can think of that you can do that a robot can't. 


Good luck!  I hope you enjoy the story!

Morning all, hope you’ve all enjoyed your breakfast. I’ve had 3 Weetabix today so ready to go!


You will really enjoy the Robot story Mrs Egan has put on the website today - its really funny!


During the last few months I think most of us have missed some kind of sport. I am definitely missing my swimming!

On Purplemash there are a couple of fun activities with a sporty theme. You could draw some runners on a track, design a basketball or football shirt or draw someone swimming.

Log in to Purplemash
On the home page click on the Art icon (pallet with paintbrush)
Under the Paint Project section click on the  Sport icon (medal)
Choose which sports activity you would like!


Have a good day, Mrs Ball laugh