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Monday 23rd November


In Literacy we are creating our story mountain ready for writing our own version of a traditional tale with a twist. 


We need to to think about our characters.

What is your main character going to be called? 

Who is going to live at the top of the Baked Beanstalk?

What animal are they going to sell at the market?


Then we need to think about the problem that is going to happen once your character has climbed the beanstalk. 

How is this going to be solved? - resolution

How is your story going to end?





In maths we are exploring money this week. 

Do you know what these symbols mean?


p                           £


Do you know how many pennies are in £1?


100p = £1


Can you identify the different coins. 

Do you know what the different coins are worth?

Do you know what they look like?


Why not try to match the coins to their value?