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From the 2s, to the 10s, to the 5s, we’re carrying on working through those times tables. The five times table has a very easy trick to remember – every single number in it ends with either ‘5’ or ‘0’.

We’re going to play a couple of games to help us get these number facts stuck in our head – the first one is times table dominoes. The dominoes are linked below – print them and cut them out to play, or you can simply draw them and save the printer ink. If you’re not sure how to play dominoes, you have to match the ends with the right answer. So for ‘1 x 5’, I’d have to put ‘5’ next to it. You’ll end up with a long line of 5 times tables answers – or you could make a loop or zig-zag pattern!

The next one is memory card matching. Log into PurpleMash and you’ll find a new task on your 2dos. You’ll see a load of cards – click on them to turn them over. Once you’ve found a match, the sum and answer, they’ll be taken off the board. You need a very good memory for this! How quick can you clear the board?