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Week 11 Friday

Good morning! 

How are we all today?

How amazing was the weather yesterday? I hope you all managed to enjoy it.

At school, we had a lovely afternoon on the field. We even saw Ollie and his gorgeous Charlie and new puppy Malibu!

Let's have a look at what you've been up to.


Max B has been working hard on his maths work then headed outside to the pool!

Ellie did well with her maths work.

Blair has had a super week thanks to seeing his grandad for the first time in months!

Max D designed a mega flying machine!

Ben worked hard with me in school.

Lily worked hard with me in school

Georgia worked hard in school too!

Jack and Jackson met up for a play in the park. Look at that weather!

Isla has created an amazing flying machine and worked hard all day!

Okay, let's get learning!


Using your design from yesterday, today you are going to write a short story based on your design.
Think of your short story in three main parts.
Beginning – Character makes flying machine. He/she tests it but it doesn’t quite work. Maybe it crashes!

Middle – Character finds some inspiration and makes alterations to the flying machine.
End – Flying machine works or doesn’t work! Write some ideas/notes for each part.

Now write your short story. Remember to include some Year 3 sentence types/skills that you have learnt,
− use different conjunctions in your writing (e.g. when, although, since, before, after, until)
− use adverbs in your writing (e.g. carefully, happily, soon, silently, next)
− use inverted commas (speech marks) to show a character is speaking
− use prepositions (e.g. above, below, beneath, beyond, within, outside)

Decide if you are writing in first person (I) or third person (he/she).
Make sure you keep it the same throughout the story.
Keep re-reading your story as you write to check it makes sense and you are happy with
it. Check for spelling and punctuation too!



Reading Eggs! Reading Eggs! Reading Eggs! Reading Eggs! Reading Eggs! Reading Eggs! Reading Eggs! 



Some subtraction word problems for you. Enjoy!

Use the seconds set of questions. Answers available


So, we're going to change from plants next week but still look after your plants!

The last task for the plants topic is to update your plant diary and complete the task all about 



Watch this video first to help your understanding - plants are so clever! Could you imagine being able to look at the sun and feel full?! Make food from the sun?! I'm absolutely bored of cooking so I would love this trick now please!

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