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Time to revisit what we looked at last week – making sure we’ve got a solid grip of those capitals and full stops. This is a crucial skill for literacy that we need to be remembering in every piece of writing we do – in literacy, science, history, everything!

Let’s recap what a sentence is. You can think of it like a complete thought – something that makes sense on its own, if you read it apart from the rest of the writing. If it doesn’t make sense when you read it alone, it isn’t a complete sentence!

Other key ideas for writing top sentences;

  • The letters need to be the same size.
  • The letters need to be written the right way round.
  • The letters should sit on the line.
  • There should be a finger space between each word.
  • A sentence should start with a capital letter.
  • Names of people and places should start with capital letters.
  • A sentence should end with a full stop.
  • A sentence should always make sense.


For something that seems easy at first glance, that’s quite a bit to remember! But that’s why we practice, so we can do these things without even thinking.

Have a look at the activities below and see if you can check all of those success criteria and write some super sentences!