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Special Announcements

Well a big hello and happy Friday to you all!

Before we get started on the weekend, let's celebrate some great achievements!


Firstly, well done Disney + for adding Frozen II to your watch list. I honestly can not wait until 4pm so I can sit down with a bag of crisps and watch it! I've been looking forward to it being added for weeks! 


Secondly, let's move on to our superstar pupils! First up, our magnificent readers!

Huge round of applause for our bronze certificate winners;

Ellie, Sam, Jackson, Isla and Hannah! 

Wooooo! Way to go! Excellent effort superstars!

Thirdly, let's have a look at our Mathletic champions!

Huge round of applause for;

Georgia, Hannah, Sam, Jackson (x2!), Isla and Mason.

Very impressive work gaining your bronze certificates! Big WELL DONE to each of you. 


Here we go with our Star of the Week!

This week, this little boy has managed to place a huge smile on my face by gaining his first bronze on Reading Eggspress. He completed his Reading Eggs program and smashed it on his first week on the new program! Not only that, but he's worked incredibly hard on our Literacy task and has been a really good listener for his mum. This week, our star is... Sam! Very well done to you, sweetie! You've worked very hard!


Well my lovelies! Have a wonderful weekend, I hope the weather improves.

I'll be in school for the next two weeks now so again, I'll be slower at getting back to you via email but please do send in any queries you have and all that fabulous work you've been doing! 


Miss you all! Lots and lots!