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Meet the Author!

Today Year 6 took part in a Live Webinar with the author and scientist Steve Tomecek! He spoke with enthusiasm to the children about just how amazing our Earth is! He was brimming with facts and we were just one of 65 schools invited to join him! Did you know that we are moving at 107 000km an hour? Or that the earth is a spheroid and not a sphere? We sent him some questions and we got a shout out! He answered Owen's question: How heavy is earth? We were told it is estimated to have a mass of 6.6 sextillion which is 21 zeros!! He also answered Brooke's question: What is the most exciting thing you have found when digging? He told us it was some tools and arrowheads! Well done Year 6! Parents, if you are interested in buying his book - Earth is Big - I will be receiving a special discount QR code this week and it will be emailed over if you request it.