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Week 6 Wednesday

End of another day. 

Hope today has been less frustrating for you than me...computers have been very slow, kept crashing and not letting either myself or Toby into the correct programs! I presume it is due to the volume of people accessing sites such as mathletics at the same time! I am definitely in need of walk tonight to escape! Well done to those who have sent work today. I will upload your pictures later. We have reached over half way through this week...keep going!!!! I know the government announcements at the weekend have worried lots of you. I will let you know when I know anything further. I am in school tomorrow but still available by email,

Have a lovely evening

Mrs Dixon



Good morning Year 1.....

We have made it again to the middle of the week. I can’t believe how quick time is going! I managed to get my boys out for some fresh air before tea yesterday. They chose to go on scooters and it was raining when we set off so we all had raincoats on. By the time we got home I was carrying 2 coats and Edward’s scooter as he was tired! 

Today’s work is to continue BBC bitesize maths which is addition an subtraction word problems and science which is animal groups. I look forward to seeing your writing about your favourite toy. 

Challenge- using the numbers 1,2,3,4,5 and 6 how many ways can you make 4? You can use the numbers as many times as you like. 

Have a good day,

Mrs Dixon 



Hello all, hope you had a good day yesterday.laugh


I have a Lego challenge for you today! Can you design and build a spaceship? If you haven’t got any Lego you can use any kind of blocks or bricks. 

(Just to let you know, these Lego men belong to Mr Ball! They were his favourite toy - he’s had them since he was your age!).


Well done to those who have already sent in your Quiz answers – I was very impressed! If you haven’t had a go yet just click on yesterday’s page and have a look. laugh I'll let you know who the winner is on Monday!! 


Get building and enjoy your day, Mrs Ball wink