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Week 3 Friday

That's another week done! Let's hope the sunshine continues over the weekend. Who joined in with the sing-along? Let me know how it was, could you hear anyone else? I wish I lived nearer to hear you all.

It's been lovely getting emails from you this week with photos showing some of the amazing activities you are getting up to. Remember, learning is happening all the time. Sometimes you or your parents might need a break from 'home learning'; this morning Lucas got upset over a maths task so we switched everything off and went out for a walk. When we got back it was easier to start again as we'd had a good break.

This week our virtual Shooting Star is awarded to Jack. He's been looking after the plant from our Science work and he'd predicted his plant would grow into a sunflower. However, on the appearance of white flowers he decided it wasn't a sunflower so researched what it could be instead.

Enjoy your weekend, I'll carry on looking after our caterpillars and will update the photos on Monday.

Mrs Hill

Jack's family and Toby's family joined in the sing-along at a safe distance! Well done!

Goodness me, it's Friday already! How about a sing-along to end the week? Sing Up is producing a song a week for us all to learn to help bring us closer.  We thought it would be a great idea if children could learn the same song each week and then all sing it at 3pm each Friday.  This is a great way to help us all feel 'in it together'.

Here is the link

Open your windows or stand outside your house (at a safe distance) and listen for others joining in as well!

Have a look at today's photo of our caterpillars. I have placed a ruler behind the pot (the lid has to stay on the pot at all times) so you can see how long one of the caterpillars is. The ones at the front look longer but they're not, it's just they were closer to the camera. The food for the caterpillars is at the bottom of the pot, it looks a bit like wet sand. The caterpillars spend a lot of time eating but they also climb the sides of the pot as well. There are 4 caterpillars in the pot.

For your tasks today you have a Maths activity set as a 2do on Purple Mash and you are going to write the ending of your story in Literacy. I'm hoping your stories have a happy ending! Mine does, I don't like sad endings! Have you been testing your junk farm animals? I'd love to hear how they worked.

Your daily challenge today is another 'Crack the code', I know you really enjoy those. This is a personal message from me today.