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Overview for week 6

Welcome to week 6...yes week 6 of remote learning. I hope you are still enjoying learning from home. I know the work you sent Mrs Egan was brilliant last week so I’m sure you are all ready for some more learning after 3 days off! I hope you all enjoyed V.E. Day. Last week Toby had to read and write recipes so we made a Victoria sponge cake ready for our afternoon tea. Edward then helped to decorate it using strawberries, raspberries and blueberries in a Union Jack pattern. I also managed a Victory roll in my hair! We played Tin Can Alley which was popular at the original celebrations. Let me know if you did anything fun!


We are continuing to follow BBC Bitesize. I have included an overview of the week below.

We are using Lancashire plans again for Literacy...see the separate link. There will also be Matheletics and Reading eggs activities to complete also. Mrs Ball will also be adding her tasks and I will add my daily challenge. 

Let’s have another good week,

Mrs Dixon