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Week 2 Day 1

Good morning everyone! Welcome to week 2! I’m in charge of the website this week and will be online through the day to help you with your learning. I will also be teacher mum to Toby in a few minutes so I know how tricky learning from home can be! The weather forecast, whilst not being as hot as last week, is to be dry so hopefully you can all get out into the fresh air at some point today. Each day I will post a picture of myself dressed as Wally somewhere around Bacup or Weir. Can you guess where I am? Can you play along too and send a picture of yourself somewhere and I can guess where you are? It is a good thing the streets are quiet!! 


Each morning I will post a challenge for the day. Each day will be different. Let me know how you get on!

Today’s challenge: Name 5 things that are sweet. 

I hope you enjoy your tasks today. I know you are very good at purple mash and the maths tasks. Have fun matching up with the pairs game. A nice task to start the week drawing and labelling the coins. For Litearcy you can choose any hero as I know in my house sports personalities might be chosen! When researching the old toy choose one that is at least 30 years old. You may draw the toy or add a photograph to your work. 

Have a lovely day everyone....I will message again later today.

Mrs Dixon


Good morning Year 1, hope you all had a nice weekend!

You’ve sent me some great work over the last couple of days! Here’s a couple by Zac and Elsie!

Today I have a great challenge for you. Can you design your own candy house? We have worked on Hansel and Gretel over the last couple of weeks and we all said we would like to see a house made of sweets and chocolate – so here’s a chance for you to design one of your own.


- Login to PurpleMash

- In search type ‘Hansel and Gretel House

- Click on the 2nd Hansel and Gretel House icon.

- Click Launch App


Lets see who can design the tastiest looking house!


You can save your pictures – remember purple button at the top left of the screen with 3 lines. Click on MY WORK and give the file a name. Parents if you right click on the picture within their folder you can share the file and send me a copy of their picture


Have a great day! Mrs Ball

Wow!! End of the day already. Today has been so busy and has gone so fast. I have received messages from about 10 of you and the work you are doing is AMAZING!! Well done everyone. My boys have done all their learning today. Edward has made mug cakes which were lovely- not helping me to eating healthily! We are about to head out for a walk so I will take a picture ready for tomorrow- well done Zac who was first to guess where I was! Thank you to Elsie who has joined in and sent me pictures of her- I will upload in this weeks work folder so you can have a go at guessing where she is too! 

Thinking of you all....speak again in the morning. We are choosing a board game to play every night. Grandpa’s Great Escape is our favourite at the moment... what is yours?