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Week 14 Monday

Good morning!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend?

Can't believe it is the last week of term!

Let's have a look at what you have all been up to!

Rudy sent a wonderful update along! Look at all the fun he's been having and all the work he has done!

Blair has been fishing with his grandad and caught some absolute whoppers!


Well! Bit different today! I would like you all to head to the BBC Bitesize website to have a look at what they offer for daily lessons! Can't wait to see what you produce! Features of a newspaper... You're going to love it!

We'll be looking at this in school today too!



Absolute last chance to get that silver certificate up on our class website before the holidays! You can do it!



Again, follow the link at the bottom and check out what BBC Bitesize has to offer for daily lessons! Today's for Year 3 is comparing capacity!



Follow the link at the bottom of this page! Science today. All about reflections! We studied this at the very beginning of the year as part of our light and dark topic.


Have a wonderful day guys! Can't wait to see your work!