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Monday 18th January

Good morning Reception Class.  This week we will be learning about Inuits and the environment they live in.

Please find your learning for today.

Maths - 

I am learning to double a number. 

Use either the butterfly template attached or draw your own big butterfly.  On one side add a number of counters (pasta, sweets, lego etc)  Ask children to count the number of counters they have added and then put the same number on the opposite side.  Ask children then count all of them together.  Children to then say ‘double__ is __’ 

Literacy - 

I am learning to write labels. 

This week we will learning about Inuit people.  Inuit Information PowerPoint (teacher made) (  Have a think about what you would pack if you were going on a trip to the Arctic.  Draw the items and label them.  You can use the suitcase template if you like or draw your own. 


Green Group - Rag the Rat – Complete Story Green and Red Words.  Read all of the story. 

Red Group - Practice sounds and ask children to choose 5 words to write by sounding out their letters.  Children can choose.  Practice writing these letters – a, l, t, p, u, w 

Blue Group - Practice writing these letters – a, l, t, p, u, w 

Write words – lap, tap, pat, up, put 

Practice all sounds verbally. 

Well done to the children remote learning again 🌟🌟