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I know being at home, self-isolating can be a difficult situation, but it is really important that we keep moving and exercise. I know rules say we are not allowed to go outside but we can bring exercise indoors.


Have a go at the bean game.

Ask your grown up to put your favourite song on.

Get your grown up to keep stopping the music and to shout these different commands.

Introduce a few commands at a time so you do not get confused.

Bean Commands

  • Jumping bean – jump on the spot.
  • Runner bean – run on the spot.
  • Broad bead – stretch your arms and legs out as wide as you can.
  • Baked bean – lay on the floor in a star shape.
  • Jelly bean – wobble like jelly
  • Chilli bean – shiver and shale as if you are cold.
  • Frozen bean – stand still.
  • String bean – stand on your tiptoes and make yourself as thin and tall as possible.
  • Kidney bean – touch your toes.


Have a go at following some of the videos below. They not only good for your body but great for your mind too!


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